Drug and Alternative Treatments for Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple sclerosis is a disease that affects the central nervous system and makes it attack the sensitive membrane that protects the many nerve endings that can be found throughout the body. When one of these attacks occurs the sense that corresponds to the affected nerve endings is damaged and in some cases it’s temporary lost. For example, the patient can temporary lose his/her vision or suffer severe balance problems.

Multiple sclerosis: MedlinePlus Medical Encyclopedia

The cause of multiple sclerosis has not been discovered yet, it is not known why when the nervous system is affected by multiple sclerosis sends the white blood cells and antibodies against the myelin steath membrane which protects the nerve endings. The cells mentioned above are sent to attack viruses and bacteria that enter the body and can cause an infection, so the reason for the attacks is mysterious.

So because the cause is unknown there is no treatment that can cure multiple sclerosis, but many things can be done against it.
Currently the goal of the multiple sclerosis treatment is to decrease the frequency of the attacks and their severity, and to make the disease advance slower.

One of the most popular treatments for multiple sclerosis is immunotherapy. Immunotherapy drugs are usually injections with substances that can reduce the frequence and severity of the multiple sclerosis attacks by slightly modifying the way the immune system works.
Immunotherapy is done with the help of drugs called beta interferons, that aid the immune system in its fight against infections and make the multiple sclerosis attacks less severe.
Unfortunately immunotherapy drugs have side-effects that include fever and coughing, indigestion, skin irritation, and drowsiness, any many patients avoid using them for this reason.

Some doctors say that Mitoxantrone,a chemotherapy drug used to treat cancer, has great effects against multiple sclerosis, but it’s side effects are really bad and it can even damage the body if it’s administered for a long time.

Other medication must be administered in the multiple sclerosis treatment, depending on the symptoms that it presents.
If it causes loss of balance and muscle coordination then the patient should receive physiotherapy and take muscle pain reliving drugs.

If the visual sense is affected and the patient experiences blurry vision, or even loss of vision then doctors recommend steroids. Steroids can fight and relieve these symptoms.

Other drugs depend on the nerves that multiple sclerosis affects. Consult your doctor for more information about the secondary multiple sclerosis treatment.

Drug therapy can be combined with alternative therapy for best results. Alternative treatment for multiple sclerosis is acupuncture, yoga or massage.

If you suffer from multiple sclerosis you should also consult a support group. There are many organizations that have the purpose of aiding those that suffer from multiple sclerosis and to give them the best treatment options.

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