Online Games – Protecting Your Identity

As the popularity of the internet continues to grow more people are turning เว็บแทงบอล to online games as a stress buster, to relieve boredom or to keep busy. Games for adults have become an extremely popular means of entertainment. You can get lost in a poker game; take on the bad guys in an action game or stir the brain cells in a brain teaser game. Your choice of games is so wide you will be hard pressed to know what to choose.

There is one major area of concern when we go online to play games; security. As technology continues to advance we need to be aware that we play online games with people we don’t know. In fact we meet these people in cyberspace and they could be just about anyone including Jack the Ripper’s twin! People who are scammers and fraudsters use the online games as a method of blending in and befriending people first before they work their nasty tricks.

Some useful tips to protect your identity when playing online games are as follows:

– Never, ever use your real identity when playing – always use a screen name. Even if you get to know someone and wish to trade names give only your first name if you are convinced that the person is genuine.

– Avoid giving any details about your school, where you work or where you live. Don’t give out the city in which you live much less the town or street.

– Avoid giving personal details that involve your family or friends and other revealing information.

– Keep a special email address on a secure site for your game playing that does not reveal your personal information.

These precautions may sound silly to some of you readers who think it is carrying things too far. Read the statistics on identity theft and a whole lot of other crimes born out of friendships made via the internet to understand just how serious this is.

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