Stylish Phone Cases Designs at Alurish

ALURISH endeavors to convey remarkable plans and top notch client support. Our telephone cases will upgrade your style and give it a more conscious feel. We at ALURISH endeavor to give predominant client support. We exceed all expectations to hold up our part of the deal with you. Here, quality is a steady exertion as opposed to a bit of hindsight. We have variety of phone cases designs at Alurish.

Our scope of items incorporates a tremendous assortment of premium quality gorgeously planned cases for different telephone models and in various classifications. We likewise offer Thin Fit cases and Extreme Cases for your iPhone and Samsung models. We have confidence in making you stand apart with your telephone’s most rich and exceptionally planned case.

Besides the fact that we configuration cases, however we likewise mean to assist with raising assets by aiding independent specialists and creators and giving them work and an opportunity to grandstand their gifts. We have focused on ability from around the world rather than in-house architects and chose to compensate them with our prize framework for their commitments.

6 Popular Types of Phone Cases

A phone case not just should be stylish, it likewise should be sufficiently able to give the ideal effect opposition. The case comes in a lot of various materials that fluctuate in the level of security gave. The following are six of the materials used to make the most well known phone cases:


The most financially savvy choice for safeguarding the phone is with the cases made in plastic. This sort of case can give the most essential assurance, yet isn’t exceptionally powerful at giving shock security. Likewise, the bad quality cases in this material can be very hard and even scratch the external surface of the smartphone.


Elastic is valued for its capacity to give a helpful degree of effect and shock insurance, and most are very minimal expense. They are perfect at giving a tight and cozy fit, yet this material isn’t the most straightforward to clean and can without much of a stretch get messy. Additionally, the elastic material will begin to release or grow over the long run, and that implies there is the gamble of the phone getting out of its case.

Silicone Gel

The case in silicone gel is likewise valuable for giving a serious level of shock security. This sort of material doesn’t extend like elastic, and is exceptionally thin and light. A considerable lot of these cases are shaded or clear to give full oversight over the look and feel of the phone.

Carbon Fiber

The carbon fiber material is ideal for the phone proprietor that needs an elevated degree of security. The material is exceptionally lightweight and strong and even can shield a phone from harm subsequent to being dropped on a hardwood or substantial floor. Besides, the case in this material is exceptionally stylish and can leave the phone looking smooth and cutting edge.


The wood phone case assists with making the most stylish and extraordinary look, while as yet giving a helpful level of security. A typical wood material is maple, which is not difficult to give a smooth completion and once applied with a layer of normal oil safeguarding the phone against scratches is capable. Also, the wooden case can be joined with different materials like calfskin and polycarbonate to give the absolute most complete security and tasteful plan.


The polycarbonate material is an extremely impressive kind of plastic that can give the best security against influence harm. This kind of case is ideal for the phone proprietor that is more keen on safeguarding their property against harm, and not so worried about the visual issues.


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